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Learning from the Pros – Carla Harris, 2018 Catalyst Awards

By February 5, 2019Video

Authenticity. It’s such a powerful attractor because we recognize that there’s risk involved in allowing others to truly see you. Carla Harris knows authenticity very well, as it’s one of her tenets for influential leadership.

The main purpose of giving a talk is to convey information, but if that’s the only purpose, then just send them the PowerPoint deck. When we see a speaker present in person, we also want to see them: what’s their personality, what’s their sense of humor, how do they feel about what they’re saying, how does their history inform what they’re speaking about, what are they adding to the conversation. We want to see a flesh-and-blood human being giving life to the words.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to present, your content is important. But don’t forget to add you to the mix. It’s what they came to see.

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