Group Workshops

Great communication can be a competitive advantage. Michelle Anne Johnson can help you upgrade the performance culture of your organization with customized programs tailored to the dynamic needs of your teams or larger groups. Her Speak Like A Leader workshop series includes:

Message, Delivery & Presence: How to Get People to Listen and Take Action
Dramatically improve public speaking skills by learning the most important elements that make presentations clear and compelling. Leave with frameworks that can be applied to any speech and get a head start on an upcoming important talk to key stakeholders. Essential for developing high-potentials and next-generation leaders.

Leadership Presence: How to Develop the X Factor
Everyone wants leadership presence, but it’s not easy to define or develop. The solution is understanding and Michelle Anne Johnson’s ACP Presence ModelTM: the mindset behind leadership presence built on authenticity, confidence, and purpose. Learn how greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence improve communication and make you a more powerful speaker.

Storytelling for Influence
People think in stories, not bullet points. Become an effective storyteller with techniques used by professional writers, actors, and performers. Learn how to construct different types of stories to engage your listeners in a variety of situations.

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If it seems like getting to the next level in your career requires that people see you differently, it may be time for a communication makeover.

Personalized one-on-one sessions can add professional polish to your presentation style, help improve delivery and reduce bad habits, and provide the catalyst you need to create a more authentic, confident, and purposeful professional brand. 

Clarify and communicate your value proposition to successfully navigate key career transitions such as promotions, partner nominations, and job interviews.

Every hour spent with Michelle was so worth the time! She was able to zero in on my needs...and really take my presence to the next level.

N.P., Partner, San Jose

Presentation Preparation

Access professional and personalized support to knock your next presentation out of the park.

Creating Powerful Presentations
From editing and polishing current presentations to creating new ones from scratch, we help you share a clear and impactful message and improve individual delivery skills with an emphasis on communicating personal power.

Preparing for Effective Delivery
When the stakes are high, last-minute rehearsal support combined with professional presentation polish can make the difference. Add a professional coach to your team to ensure success.

Michelle helped me to identify the story behind my presentation to better engage with my audience. She provided tips on how to arrange the program, the sequence, and what to provide my audience so they would leave with the desire to stay connected with me. The presentation was a hit!

Alison Heller-Ono, President and CEO, Worksite International

Professional training resources for leaders, managers, and teams designed to enhance leadership presence, with a focus on the foundations of personal power.

speech queen services are ideally suited for…

High Potentials

Equip your most valuable internal talent with the communication skills and leadership presence necessary for promotion and succession.

Employee Resource Groups

Support your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and increase employee engagement with communication training that celebrates the individual.

Technical Experts

Give your technical subject matter experts the tools to distill complex ideas into simple messages and connect with your clients.