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Steve Jobs’ Purpose-driven Presence

By February 1, 2019Video

Steve Jobs was legendary for his ability to wow an audience. From what I’ve seen, there’s one major quality that distinguished him as a speaker – he was having fun! You can tell that he enjoyed being up on that stage sharing what he loved with the world.

Allow me to be presumptuous about why he was able to enjoy himself. I’m going to assume that he wasn’t thinking about how many people were looking at him, or how many times he said “um”, or what might happen if the technology didn’t work (and it occasionally didn’t). He was thinking about how cool his latest invention was, about how many people would benefit from it, and how he was adding to his legacy. Steve Jobs was driven by the purpose of his ideas.

When you believe in what you’re doing, speaking about it becomes an opportunity to make an impact. Whatever personal insecurities you may have become secondary to your purpose. Having a strong purpose – a reason for speaking and sharing your ideas – is the shortest route to having fun. And, when you’re having fun, chances are your audience is, too. 


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